Spence’s “right to have a private life” is a violation of the Fourth Amendment

Ambyr Childers seeks restraining order against ex-husband Randall Emmett

“All I can say is, I would like to see [the judge who granted the contempt of court finding] removed from the position,” Spence told the court. “I think his job is too important to get it from his own wife.”

The judge also added that Spence should not have to “perform his job” and has a “right” to “feel free to exercise his private life.”

Emphasis added)

The “right to have a private life” is one that the American government is violating.

“The Government has no right to intrude into anyone’s personal life. A married person’s life is his or her own. It is not the government’s business. Therefore, it is a violation of the Fourth Amendment to order private citizens to disclose private information.”

I disagree about Emmett. I believe he could have simply asked the judge to remove himself from the case. I am not talking about his public life, but his private life. He has the right to live his life. How he does that is his business.

The only thing different between Emmett and Spence is the word “could”.

Emmett is a married man who chose to live his life separately.

He chose to live his life separate, that he wants to tell the world about, he had a business opportunity that he decided to pursue, but in doing so he was not successful and had to turn down an offer from a rival in order to remain focused on his own personal life.

However in doing so he publicly humiliated himself at the most vulnerable point of his life. He humiliated himself publicly.

In the same manner Emmett decided to have a private life, however he chose to be divorced.

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