Rescued by police dog, police dog saved cat’s life

Brazil police rescue dog becomes internet sensation after he saves cat from drowning

Police officer José M. Santana with police dog “Nosy” who had saved two other dogs from drowning and one cat who jumped into a pond from which it was floating. PHOTO: REUTERS


When a brave police dog named “Nosy” saved the life of a cat on New Year’s Day, it became a celebrity in Brazil. The cat, named Ozzy, was rescued by the police dog while he was swimming in a pond in Rio de Janeiro, where he was swimming for the third time in a few hours. Ozzy jumped into a pond from which it seemed to be floating but it became flooded. The cat had been swallowed along with its fur when the pond became flooded and it was still in the water when they found it. A veterinarian who examined the cat said it seemed to be alive, but was in grave condition.

While the cat was being carried to an ambulance and later to the hospital for examination, Nosy followed Ozzy. A photographer who was able to capture the scene was later able to post the image on Facebook and the post quickly went viral. A video of the incident went viral but a police official said it “wasn’t the best one”. The following photo, however, shows Nosy following the cat through the water.

The original caption and picture can be seen at this link.

The story of the rescue of Ozzy caught the attention of several people who were touched by the story and the response it provoked. Among them was Brazilian presidential candidate Guilherme Boulos, who posted on his Facebook page: “If you can’t save the cat, then at least save the dog.”

The story also inspired a young Brazilian artist, who created a painting titled “The Story of Nosy”. The painting was posted on Facebook as well.

Boulos later posted on his page: “The whole story is incredible. We can all learn from this Brazilian guy’s courage. We will all be inspired to be like Nosy.”

In the next day, the young artist posted a sequel titled “The Story of Nosy II”, which includes a scene showing

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