Willie Nelson’s memoir, “Me & Paul,” is a little too far

5 revelations about Willie Nelson and his new memoir, ‘Me and Paul’

Willie Nelson has made headlines for breaking out the liquor with his memoir, “Me & Paul,” but his latest public revelations from the book may have gone a little too far. He says in the memoir he’s “truly sorry” about the people he hurt, such as his daughter, his ex-wife, his fans and the public.

In the book, he describes his marriage to his first wife, Tammy Faye, like the “love story” he says he wrote. In the book, he says he got it on film, but Tammy Faye was not in it. He was writing it in 1980 for her to read.

Tammy Faye Nelson with her daughter, Mary Lou.

She told him to stop writing, and they divorce. He married Tammy Faye’s second wife, Jocelyn Grant, only two weeks after. Then he says he and Jocelyn got back together in 1981, and they had a son, but he left Jocelyn for Tammy Faye’s third wife, Carrie Grant. Carrie wanted to take the baby away from Tammy Faye, but Jocelyn let it go. She said he tried “to buy me off,” and tried to force her to have a baby with Tammy Faye.

Then he tells us he tried to have a baby with Tammy Faye’s fourth wife, Debbie Reynolds. He says that when he got her pregnant, he couldn’t have the baby because he needed to be on the road to make money. He didn’t want to live in the same house as Debbie Reynolds.

The book also says he went on a trip with Tammy Faye, a trip he thought he was going to have a child with her. The only problem was that she died in a car accident. Her body had been stuffed into a dress box that could only be opened with a key that she had given him to open and

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