Kenneth Mejia is chosen as the next city controller of San Antonio

Endorsement: Kenneth Mejia for city controller

Kenneth Mejia, a businessman and a self-styled “sales magnate,” has been chosen by the state GOP as the next city controller of San Antonio, the San Antonio Express-News, a Republican-leaning newspaper, announced Monday.

The winner, who will succeed John Cook, has been a businessman or a professional investor in San Antonio for 27 years.

He has worked in the technology industry, starting a computer-software company before becoming the president of the Texas School Book Depository. He established the first company to market electronic toll collection before the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, then owned by the state, bought the company.

The Express-News said Mejia is known locally as “The Mayor” for his leadership during the 2006 bankruptcy of City Hall and for helping to bring thousands of people to San Antonio for the 2009 Super Bowl.

“He’s an accomplished business man. And he’s a good friend of mine,” Mayor Julián Castro said in a statement. “He’s going to use his business expertise and leadership skills to do a great job as city controller, and I am very confident he will be able to balance the fiscal responsibilities of the city while maintaining its quality.”

San Antonio council members have yet to pick their replacements for the council’s six vacancies.

The Express-News said that the new controller will take over at a time when the city may face a $200 million deficit in its budget, which will be due to come into effect May 1.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg has asked the council to approve Mejia’s hiring as the city’s next city controller, the San Antonio Express-News said. He said the mayor is looking for the city to make “significant strides” on several fronts, including finding new revenue sources.

Mejia will be on the council’s payroll until a new city controller is hired. The new controller would replace the current one, Michael Koll, who has served

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