Kanye West’s Most Famous Quote Is The King of Random

More antisemitic hate seen in L.A. after Kanye West’s hateful rants

Kanye West said a lot of things that got him into a lot of trouble, but his most famous one is perhaps the greatest thing he’s said. While talking to Rolling Stone in April, West said, “They tell me that I make people laugh, even when I’m being an asshole, I make them laugh and I don’t care what they think and I make them love me. So, maybe I am the King of Random.” West’s most famous comment has been turned into a meme as well as a video that has since gone viral, and the meme has gotten more antisemitic by the day. The video and meme are in part a result of a misunderstanding, as the artist who made the video claimed to be Jewish, but turned out to be white.

In the video, comedian and writer Jack Antonoff is wearing a Star of David, a Jewish symbol, and then performs one of West’s songs in the middle of the streets of Los Angeles. He asks people who aren’t fans if there is anything they like in the song and when they don’t know what to say he says, “Maybe you like Yentl.” The video is a comedy bit from one of the worst movies of all time, the 1998 film Yentl.

Then, in the following scene, Antonoff throws a hat on the ground, grabs a sign with the Star of David on it, and puts his foot on it to get more attention. He then says to the people who are not Jewish that, “This hat has got a Star of David on it. If you don’t know what the Star of David is, it’s the Star of David from heaven. You should ask them [Jewish people] because they won’t tell you.”

Antonoff posted the video online to his YouTube channel, and it has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Antonoff then performs the song he said he would perform if he were Jewish. He plays it a couple times, with an audience as the only people who actually know the lyrics. Finally, he says, “If you don’t know what the Star of David is, it’

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