Why Did The Media Choose to Play the Story in a Biased Way?

Novak Djokovic withdraws from the US Open. He is unvaccinated against Covid-19 and not allowed to receive a visa and enter the country of his choice due to his high ranking.

Is this an isolated case or does this affect the vast majority of tennis players around the world?

Why this news?

Because the media decided to play the story in a completely biased way, in order to make Djokovic famous as much as possible. The reason behind this is simple. If Djokovics withdrawal from the US Open is confirmed, then his career could stop. For the first time in his career, his level is at its lowest, his ranking has dropped significantly, he is currently ranked 10,800. Even though Djokovic has reached all of his career finals, he has never won a Grand Slam nor a Masters 1000. He has been struggling to reach that level for some time now.

Djokovic has suffered a lot of ups and downs since 2014. On the other hand, the US Open is his last chance to win a Grand Slam on his way to a career-high ranking. This is a monumental achievement by Djokovic, because he has not been able to reach that level of play since May 2015.

Why did the media choose this topic?

Because it is a very sensitive subject, so it is best to ignore it completely. The media chose this topic because they want to create a bad image of Djokovic. After all, he is a big star and that means “they” want to make him even more famous through their biased reporting. This is the only way for all the media to promote themselves and sell their products, right?

So, what is happening with Djokovic?

The news that Djokovic will not compete at the US Open will not have much impact on his career. However, it is the first time in his career that he has not won a Grand Slam tournament and he has never won a Masters 1000 either. This will definitely damage the public’s perception of Djokovic.

It will make Djokovic even more unpopular in the eyes of the fans. He is going to take some time to recoup his losses but most of all he will be criticized for this. His fans will blame him for not reaching his potential. His critics will say that he could not get

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