The Monroeville Ghost: A Review

George Clooney chose ‘Ticket to Paradise’ for the ‘breather’ we all need right now. We hope the film can help you forget the stress of the holiday season and keep you in blissful holiday-free bliss.

1. Who wrote ‘Ticket to Paradise’?””The film was written by the brilliant George Clooney who also helped to bring the book to life. He also wrote the hilarious screenplay for the movie.”

2. Was it based on a true story?””No, it was fictionalized and made of course entirely by his imagination. In fact, that is what makes his book The Monroeville Ghost so incredible. This is Clooney at his best, making the most amazing stories come to life.”

3. Who was Monroeville?””The town of Monroeville is in West Virginia. It is about 40 miles from the famous Route 45. The actual town had been demolished by then, but the residents remained in the ghost town, and still tell stories of the mysterious events that occurred there. The name of the town comes from the English word “Monroo” which means ‘frost’. The locals knew that they would never see the sun again, because the sun never touched Monroeville.”

4. The book is based on true events?””The book did in fact happen. The author of this book goes by the name of ‘The Monroeville Ghost’. The original book was about a murder in the town of Monroeville. That is the whole point of the book. The entire book is based on one woman’s experiences, but she is known to many as the ‘ghost’ in the town.”

5. What made you select Monroeville?””The book actually came to me through a friend who is from the town. The author, Monroeville Ghost, was actually going out of town for a while. At that time, I had a friend who was looking to break up with her boyfriend, and I thought the perfect solution would

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