Mr Foster says that homosexuality is not a barrier

David Foster, 72, says he has ‘never regretted’ having a baby in his 70s with wife Katharine McPhee, 38

His first child, a daughter, was born in 1971.

But he has had other relationships, including with ex-wives and one of his actors, and has written a book entitled ‘Growing Up in L.A.’

He has spoken out about the pitfalls he has faced during his lifetime as a gay man, who says that over the years his sexuality has been his one constant love.

Mr Foster, a British television and film producer, says that his sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of and that he has loved ‘all my life’ despite what he has told himself.

He says: ‘You think about it the wrong way. People always think that I am some kind of a bad person for being gay.

‘I will always be a gay man in what way I am. My personality is what I am. You can’t alter that.’

Mr Foster has spoken out about the impact that homosexuality has had on his life and family and says that he has never regretted having a child into his 70s with the woman who is now his wife, Katharine McPhee.

He has also written a book entitled Growing Up in L.A..

He said: ‘I’ve never regretted having a child or having an affair. I never felt that my sexuality was a barrier. I always felt, when it was there, it was beautiful.

‘My feeling for Katharine is that we are two lovebirds who want to be together and that I have always loved her and she me.’

He believes that people should accept people’s sexual orientation.

He said: ‘People make decisions about sexuality. They should not be afraid to talk about it. Look at the person you love and love deeply and be happy.’

Despite the success that has come from his sexuality,

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