Michael Bennett isn’t apologizing — he’s not sorry

Steve Lacy is not sorry he smashed a fan’s disposable camera onstage: ‘I am human’

The New Orleans Saints tight end was fined for leaving his teammates to stand watch after he took a cheap shot at an opposing player during a 2016 blowout win over the New England Patriots.

But Lacy isn’t apologizing — he’s not sorry: “Just a guy trying to get my job done” he says.

The NFL fined Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett for a late hit on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees that appeared to cause an injury.

As an official walked over to Bennett, a player grabbed the ball from the football. As the official approached, Lacy threw the ball like a frickin’ baseball in a frickin’ baseball game.

Bennett says he didn’t realize what happened to Lacy when the hit occurred.

“I thought it was kind of funny, I mean it was an accident,” Bennett said Monday, after he was traded to the Lions. “Just a guy trying to get my job done. I didn’t even know he did it until I was on the field. Then he got all heated up and you know you got to leave him alone.”

Bennett was fined $21,875 for his hit on Lacy in the fourth quarter of Saints’ season-opening win at Seattle. The NFL fined Bennett $25,000 for his hit on Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Mychal Kendricks in a 2011 playoff game against the Eagles.

Both Lacy and Bennett are now with the Lions.

Lacy is not apologizing “I am human” says Lacy. I think my words and actions spoke loud and clear, but it’s not going to bring back my broken collarbone. Michael Bennett is human, but I am very glad with the way the NFL is trying to make things right. #bcsports — Drew Hallowell (@Dresowles23) December 3, 2018

“I am blessed to have the position I have in this league,” Lacy said “I look for

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