The RNC’s firing of Beyer’s communications director is evidence of bias

Beyer’s GOP opponent calls for investigation after staffer fired for ties to Chinese embassy

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Bryan Fischer is calling on the U.S. government to investigate allegations against John Beyer’s campaign for U.S. Senate after his communications director was fired for working for the Chinese Embassy.

In a press release issued Friday, Fischer cited the firing of Beyer’s communications director, Matthew Lee, as evidence of bias at the National Republican Congressional Committee. Fischer said the committee was “too accommodating of Chinese interests at the expense of American interests.”

The RNC on Tuesday fired its communications director for working at the Chinese Embassy in Washington.

“This is one more example of [the RNC] playing into the hands of Chinese and other foreign interests whose objective is to undermine American policies in order to benefit from access to the China market,” Fischer said in a statement. He claimed the RNC was looking “only for good friends and allies.”

The RNC said Lee, who had been employed by the committee since 2015, was terminated due to the “personal nature” of his work, including his employment to the Chinese Embassy. Lee had been one of the few non-Chinese Americans who had worked at the Chinese Embassy prior to his work at the RNC.

This is only the latest in a long history of U.S. government relations with China, after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a letter to President Obama, warned in 2009 that there was a “long history of mistrust and tension between the U.S. and China.”

Fischer cited Lee’s firing and a “credible allegation” against the RNC — that the committee had been “too accommodating of Chinese interests at the expense of American interests” — as evidence of bias at the RNC.

“The RNC has proven to be a rubber stamp for China at the expense of American interests,” he wrote.

“It is time that the RNC’s leadership is held accountable, not only for their actions but also for their words and even their silence,”

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