The Rapper Who Never Was Sexually Affected

Column: Bimbos, ‘bottom girls’ and the ugly reality of misogyny in our justice system

(AllHipHop Staff/HipHopForFashion) Hip-hop fans may have grown weary of “Boom Bap” Marley, but the music remains fresh and compelling. He is a young man with a bright future who is already becoming a role model — and a voice against misogyny.

Marley’s message: Women shouldn’t be treated as victims, but as equals and, therefore, should have the same rights as women. He’s a role model to young men and reminds them that they have a choice to be men or to be victims.

At the same time, Marley is an advocate for women. He is a father, a husband, a man. He’s never been sexually assaulted and never will. If his message had been more about the oppression of women, instead of making them feel comfortable and safe, he probably wouldn’t have had so many fans.

But, as Marley makes clear, women are treated as victims all too often, and that’s why he always chooses the side of women and not the side of men. He’s never shied away from saying that women deserve respect, dignity, and opportunity.

Marley’s story is inspirational.

At age 12, Marley was the victim of a brutal beating by ‘sugar’ and is still haunted by that experience.

Marley’s family told him to ignore what he saw and pretended to be ‘totally fine.’

At 13, Marley was sexually assaulted by a family friend, and he says he was too afraid to tell his mother — or anyone. He was told to live with the fear that continued to torment him.

After the assault, Marley began to feel the pain and humiliation that he had denied himself for years.

He was afraid to go to the police — afraid of the fact that his mother, his family, and his friends would beat him up if he ever reported the attack. Many rappers have been victims of similar incidents.

Marley believed that being a rapper was the only way he could get his family’s approval.

He was a reluctant victim and

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