The Los Angeles City Council race could have a more conservative lean

Racist audio leak could push L.A. City Hall further left in Nov. 8 election

A new audio recording of a heated race in Tuesday’s general election for Los Angeles City Council, made by a supporter after the race had already been called before a vote was held, could make it more difficult for the current left-wing mayor and his allies, such as Councilmembers Paul Krekorian and Felipe Fuentes, to win control of the powerful council.

This recording, made by a supporter who appeared to be upset with a candidate for whom he had voted, could be the first concrete evidence that the race could have a more conservative lean, which could make the election more difficult for Mayor Eric Garcetti and state Sen. Steve Glazer, a leader of the far right.

The recording was made in an office building of an insurance company, according to the Los Angeles Times. It was posted online on Thursday, hours before the election.

“The election’s done. How the hell could we have let this happen,” the man can be heard saying in a recording distributed by the Times. “And he’s going to win. If he wins, he’s going to make council work for him. We are not going to vote for this guy,” he continues.

“So, what are we doing? We’re letting this happen. It’s just disgraceful. He’s going to win.”

Garcetti, who is running for re-election this month, is an ally of the far-right Los Angeles City Councilmember, Paul Krekorian, who is campaigning for re-election this year as Council President. Krekorian also has been a vocal opponent of Garcetti in the past.

While Krekorian and Garcetti support many policies, from the Los Angeles Police Department to the city’s plan to replace the current, out-of-order subway system, to the city’s proposal to sell the Los Angeles Coliseum, to the City Council’s tax on developers to fund homeless services, to the city’s decision to pay off a $10 billion

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