The Crown actress Dench says she doesn’t like the portrayal of the royals in the series

Judi Dench isn’t a fan of the ‘cruelly unjust’ depiction of the royals on ‘The Crown’ but says there are still things the TV drama didn’t ‘get right’.

Although the actress has seen her fair share of TV drama, it was only in 2016 that she watched The Crown for the first time, and has since been hooked by the multi-layered drama.

The star, who plays Queen Elizabeth II alongside Olivia Colman, tells US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel in a new clip from The Guardian that while she is a fan of the show, especially the portrayal of the Queen, she’s not particularly fond of the series as a whole.

“I don’t like that they are portraying the royals in a very cruelly unjust light in this series. I’ve seen that before,” says Dench, who plays the Queen in the Netflix series.

“So, on a personal level, I just wanted to put my foot down and say, ‘No, you’re showing a side of what happened to a royal family where there was a complete breakdown, and you’ve got to give them the space to heal themselves.'”

Dench had previously spoken about her thoughts about the portrayal of the Royal Family in The Crown.

“I wish they could have told more about what happened and were more honest with what was going on and why it happened.

“The Queen’s character has become very much a woman in mourning, which I was the Queen at heart, so I have tremendous respect for her.”

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Earlier this year, the actress spoke out about the scandal that almost ended her role on the show.

Dench says she was on set filming the second season of the TV drama in 2013 when an incident involving the Queen’s former assistant made headlines.

The Guardian reports that Dench had been approached by the Queen’s husband, the Duke of York, to be the official photographer for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations,

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