I’m Going to Be a Part of Dallas

Editorial: Resign already, Councilmembers Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo have to go

Kevin de León is wrong.

I agree with the Council’s decision to resign.

This is my first time doing so.

I hope to return in my next position, hopefully my new job with the City of Dallas.

In the months ahead, I’ll make it my business to listen to everyone who made their opinions known. I’ll ask them to recount their experiences and then ask for their input, as well as your feedback and thoughts.

Here’s what I want:

I want to listen to and respect your perspectives and ideas so I can act in the best interest of the residents of Dallas. For that to happen, I need to hear from you, and I will.

I want your support so we can continue to make progress and continue to support our residents.

I want to do the right thing, because doing the wrong thing will result in the end of progress. I want to do what’s right for the people of Dallas and for the best interest of the city, and believe I’m doing that.

My goal is to be able to make a difference at the City of Dallas and in many other city agencies and community organizations. My goal is to serve the city with kindness and with compassion, and to do the right thing for the residents of Dallas and for the city as a whole.

I am not the perfect candidate, and I will need to learn and grow in this job and in life. I’ve been out of the city for over a year now, and I am excited to return and get to know the city again.

I want to be a part of the progress and the progress of Dallas. I am going to be a part of Dallas, and I need your help to make that happen. I don’t want the people of Dallas to be in the dark. I want them to know there are smart, compassionate, effective and professional people running the city who care about them. I

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