The Dragon’s Dragon: The Hidden Story of the Season Finale

The ‘House of the Dragon’ season finale has arrived early — and not on HBO’s terms.

On Friday evening, the third and final season of the long-running HBO series announced what it considers to be the biggest story of this season: the mysterious disappearance of the family patriarch, and a search in the aftermath that brings to light the dark secrets of the family’s history.

During those two hours of the show’s season finale, the show is set to spend most of its time addressing the family history that drives the story to where it now lands.

That revelation has led to confusion and the occasional snarky comment on social media. At times, the episode has been described as the “most shocking and upsetting” on the show.

See photos: ‘House of the Dragon’ season finale

But for all the drama that has built up over the past few weeks, the finale also promises to deliver a few lighter moments — and even some laughs.

In this new season, House of the Dragon will find out exactly what the Dragon really looks like — and why he was killed.

The season began with a brutal confrontation between House and the Dragon, which led to their escape from a prison inside a building in the Dragon’s country. They ended what was supposed to be a short, peaceful journey, and instead became locked inside a prison in the Dragon’s country for two years.

The show’s creators, showrunners David Shore and Joe Henderson, took a series of turns explaining the series’ complicated and dark story.

House’s time on the run

The Dragon’s Dragon: a reference to a traditional Chinese myth about an evil monster and a benevolent one

With the series’ opening credits approaching, Henderson said he had to begin to explain the series’ “harrowing” story.

“I started talking to the writers about the Dragon and his people, and the Dragon was the bad guy,” Henderson said.

“I asked them to explain, ‘What is the Dragon? What does the Dragon look like? What does he do? He’s this mysterious character. How does he manifest himself? How does he affect the world? What does he want? What is his story?’”


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